Mayixing oil painting base

Mayixing oil painting base  08.22.2019

Here is Mayixing's  Oil  Painting.Come in ,please! Mayixing's  Oil Painting---1

Mayixing's new oil paintings,Come in ,please!Mayixing's  oil paintings---2

Click it !MAYIXING'S NEW WORKS SHOW.Here is English .Come in ,please! Mayixing's oil paintings---3

Here is Mayixing's Digital Art.Come in ,please! Mayixing's   Digital  Art Works

The other Matters of MayixingThe other  Matters of  Mayixing

Here is Soft realism Artist MaYixing.Come in ,please! MaYixing  Personal  blog

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Mayixing oil painting base 

05.01.1998--08.22.2019    Shanghai. China